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I fixed my blog to accommodate the requirements that my teacher made to make our blogs look professional which I did  . First I deleted the sample page because there was no point in having it exist. Second, I tried to add my avatar to the home screen but it was too big there, so I only have a picture of his eyes like in movies when two people are going to duel.

Week 8

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Finn there is a week 16! Have your teachers told you when we can escape. Is the end is sight. In addition what are those lamps that you guys are holding? They look like Japanese lamps that they would have in festivals. Are the lamps Japanese or Chinese? Anyway visit my blog at

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The Universe and Trees




Stating the universe is massive is an understatement. A human being can’t comprehend the size of the universe because there is nothing on the planet that is  even quantifiable to the scope that a human can relate to. Some scientists believe that there are more galaxies in the universe than grains of sand on earth. When people look up into the sky they are looking into their past because the stars are so far away that the light takes thousands of years for that light to travel to earth. Most scientists believe that there are multiple universes other than our own.Now there are few places on Earth that people can see can see all of the stars in the sky but know in cities only a couple stars are visible.

NASA believes that there is intelligent life like microbes in the universe because there are billions of planets in the universe with several like Earth. Most scientists believe that it is only a matter of time before life is discovered. Scientists predict that there is life on Mars and the people will find out in 2030 when the Mars landing is scheduled.  Although landing on Mars seems impossible now but the world was in that same situation before they went to the moon.

In 6th grade I went to Astrocamp which thought me about  that was about astronomy, physics, and chemistry. The trip thought me about global warming. Global warming is probably going to destroy mankind by the year 2100 if the world doesn’t use the amount of electricity they are using and the population doesn’t reach over 10 billion on earth. In that camp, I had the time of my life that put me on the path of becoming a scientist. With  Space is nature on a broader scale that has an element of mystery.



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My comments

I am pretty sure that you should use words to describe these pictures. Can you give me reasons to buy a PlayStation 4 over an Xbox One?


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I love the fact that you named you dog after a cartoon character because I would probably do that. Not to rain on your parade, but don’t you know that Pluto is the god of death?



In my opinion both concoles have great arguments for each of them, but I would go with the PlayStation 4 because of the better graphics, name, controller, and Microsoft’s original plan for the Xbox One.


Both of the consoles are very popular but the Xbox was only popular when Sony failed in the 7th generation with the release of the PlayStation 3.


American Food

People outside of the United States of America think of the American stereotype as people eating greasy hamburgers, hot dogs and anything that is deep fried. They’re not wrong. Most of the food from the United States is taken from other countries like the hamburger and hot dog, but the corn dog is an modification to the hot dog so it can be held easily in one hand. The corn dog is a wiener dipped in cornmeal batter and put on a stick. These are very unhealthy These are usually eaten at carnivals, street fairs, and sporting events.

My school lunches

This is what I had said on the Taco Tuesday blog post as a comment:

Hello kdruckmiller,
I adore the idea of having so many different bins with specific labels because at my elementary school I had a system like that but it was a failure because it was confusing but it looks like with the specific labels on our trash cans it is clear what bin is for what. In addition I like the biodegradable lunch trays which look better than the cheap plastic ones at my school.

Food survey

This is a survey about your favorite foods:

1) What is your favorite meal of the day?

2)What is your favorite food to eat during breakfast?

3)What is your favorite food to eat during lunch?

4)What is your favorite food to eat during dinner?

5)What kind of food do you eat in your country?

6) Do you prefer ice cream or frozen yogurt?

Answer these questions in the comments.

International food comments

My five international food comments:

Hello Victoria,
Before I say anything, you have a good taste in music. What are lamingtons? They look a lot like brownies. Do you guys eat brownies down there?
If you want to know what Americans eat, check me out.

I commented on her post at

Hi georgie,
I enjoy how you decorated your blog even thought the structure of this site confuses me and the whole one week all activities is different from all of the other blogs I have seen. What meals do you eat sausage for? In my country that is full of freedom and obesity (USA) we eat it for breakfast most of the time.
My place

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I am an American stereotypical that likes barbecues which is kind of true. I don’t know what fruChocs are, but they sound tasty.

This is at

Hello Isabella,
I love how you said that this was your opinion at the end because I know how people can start flame wars in the comment section. I really want to try lamingtons and Tim tams. Check out my blog for jokes that are mostly horrible but sometimes good.

This is at

Greetings from the States,
I like the transitions you had between slides. I want to try Pavlova now because it looks like an ice cream pie. If it isn’t a ice cream pie then I am disappointed because that is what I want it to be. For more America in your life check out my blog.

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My 4 Posts week 2

The posts that I made were:

Hi, Tea
I do like how you included very specific details about your offline self compared to your online self having better etiquette than your offline self. Personally, I am more civilized offline than I am online because I feel like online it is harder to embarrass myself. I feel that me and you are the opposite since I have a different form of criticism that is more straight forward but less polite.

I commented on Tea’s online vs offline because I noticed how different me and Tea were from our online and offline selves. As I was reading Tea’s post I noticed how she included some specific details which was different from mine which I found interesting.


Aidan you are right. When people use slang it makes them seem unprofessional so it is hard to take them seriously. It is like if you show up to a job interview with your pajamas on. Check out my blog at

I commented on Adian’s post about guidelines to commenting which I agree with like I did with Ella’s (I didn’t copy her post and now I can’t find it) is that they kept it simple and just explained what has to be said with no fluff I had to dig through.

Hi Mel,
I didn’t know you liked pants and disliked pants because you wear shorts all the time. At lunch, you hang out with over twenty people at that very large table. I consider a large group of friends when more than two friends talk to me at the same time about the same thing and it fills me with joy to feel like people are interested in what I say or pay attention to my quirks.

I commented on Mel’s post because I noticed a contradictory statement in which she said things that I was sure was untrue because she acts the exact opposite on the internet. When Mel mentioned that she hung out with a small group which was the final straw and then I had a mental break down in which I was serious about. Whenever people mention that they have a small amount of friends when they always hang out after school everyday with a group of six people, I get depressed. I feel this way because I didn’t have a birthday party because I didn’t know if anyone would come. Instead of having a birthday party I thought I could just hang outwith my friends at our favorite hang out spot and I left the invite open so anyone could come. No one said they would come so I thought I would just go home and I was heart broken. When I passed my friends walking to the place, I thought they changed their minds and so after I got home I walked a long ways there but it would be worth it to see my friends. After I got to that place they weren’t there so even though I looked for them so I celebrated my birthday alone.


Favorite Family Moment

Pic_Nevada in lazy river


My favorite time with my family is when we go to Las Vegas to visit family and stay in hotels during every summer. We first drive to our grandparents house in a six hour car ride that makes me resent my brothers. On this particular trip we spent time at the lazy river, went indoor skydiving, swam in the pool, and drove down the strip to see all of the extravagant buildings in Vegas.

I got permission from everyone in this picture. This picture is property of Da Brez Inc. All rights reserved.